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Laurie Teixeira

Your Guide on the Path to Healing

Are You Ready to Embrace the Path of Healing Your Relational Wounds, Ancestral Trauma and Transform Your Life?

I understand the profound impact of trauma and relational wounds because I've walked that path myself. It's a journey of peeling back layers, facing raw emotions, integrating shadow parts, healing ancestral trauma and discovering an inner strength you never knew you possessed. And I'm here to tell you, the transformation on the other side is breathtaking.


For over 30 years, I've dedicated my life to helping individuals just like you heal from their past and emerge stronger, more radiant, happier and connected to their true selves.

My journey began with at-risk youth, then led me to support military personnel grappling with the scars of war. Witnessing their courage and resilience in the face of immense pain deeply moved me, and it ignited a passion to explore the depths of trauma healing.

In 2011, I established my private practice, weaving together traditional therapeutic methods with holistic energy approaches. This unique blend gently releases trapped emotions and traumas, fostering true healing for mind, body, and spirit.

I'm not just a therapist and transformational coach; I'm your trusted companion on this transformative journey. I've walked in your shoes, felt the same darkness, and emerged into the light. And I know you can too.

In today's world where trauma touches so many lives, I'm committed to extending my support online, creating a safe and nurturing space for healing.

If you're ready to rewrite your story, reach out today. I'd be honored to be your guide on this powerful path to wholeness. Together, we can transform your scars into strengths, your pain into purpose, and your past into a stepping stone to a life beyond your dreams.


Let's heal together.


Laurie Teixeira


"My journey with Laurie has been a transformative experience, marked by her exceptional knowledge and skill in healing. Her attentive listening and thoughtful reflection stand out, enabling her to adeptly address deep-rooted, generational traumas with a blend of various healing modalities. Laurie’s unique approach is both kind and humorous, yet sensitive to individual experiences. 

Her expertise is particularly evident in addressing not just individual wounds, but also those deeply embedded in family histories and passed down through generations. I would recommend her to anyone seeking profound, holistic healing."

- Shana B., January 2024

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