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3 Of My Favorite Keys to Be More Resilient

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to recover or bounce back from change and difficulties easily. The ability to create alternative solutions. We are created to “survive”.

There is a great deal of information on resilience and the importance of building resiliency.

Well how do we do it? Here are 3 of my favorite keys.

1. Self-awareness: Really learning and loving who we are as individuals. We were made in God’s image so we are already amazing and beautiful. However, experiences try to show and teach us differently.

When dealing with different situations, we have to learn and be able to comfort ourselves. Be able to have positive self-talk that enables us to see options. To view struggles as challenges that allow us to grow, mature and thrive.

Building resilience involves holding onto a belief and faith that things will work out for them.

2. Connection and relationships with others: We are created to be in connection with others, it is one of our basic needs. The goal is to be in relationships that are supportive, nurturing, where you can truly be you.

I love the song “Lean on me”. Do you have people that you can lean on during tough

times. Do you allow yourself to be supported or do you feel you need to handle things on your own?

3. Self-care: Remember, you have a right to your feelings. It is how you choose to express them. It is expressing them in ways that are healthy and promote healing. Holding onto emotional pain long-term is optional.

We can live in it or learn from it.

Develop a self-care plan for yourself that can include any form of physical activity, drink

water, get enough rest and sleep. Do activities you enjoy such as reading, mediating,

listening to music, crafts.

How are you doing in building resilience. It is a process that can be strengthened over time.

Review the keys above to see the areas in your life where you feel are going well and where you might begin putting new things in place for you.

After all, you are in charge of yourself and your self-care plan.


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