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Angel Signs: What Are They and How To Recognize Them

One way in which our angel guardians communicate with us is through the use of signs. There are various theories regarding angels, but almost all of them agree that they are loving beings who send us signs to help us find our way.

They don't control our life or make things happen, but they can be of great assistance when we're stuck on a huge problem or trying to figure out what to do. Because they are assumed to be privy to our deepest wishes and innermost thoughts, they are also in a position to provide advice that our closest loved ones could miss.

Asking for help from angels is as easy as focusing on a question and repeating it to yourself or writing it down. Signs will be the means of communication, and they will offer subtle hints as to what to do next.

Sometimes the angels who are looking over you will make their presence known to you without you having to do anything to invite them in. This happens when the angels sense that you need help or are about to reach a turning point in your life.

Recognizing Angel Signs

Many angel signs can be found just about anywhere. If you vibrate more at a higher frequency, you’ll see more and more of them as time goes by. There are several types of signs and symbols that angels send, and angel numbers are just one of them.

Angels frequently use numerical indicators in the natural world to draw human attention to themselves. That's because they've seen that people are especially attuned to numerical patterns. Perhaps the numbers 1111 and 444 keep cropping up on clocks and public signs. And this is not a coincidence! Your angelic guardians are sending you a message through the appearance of these numbers in the material world.

White feathers are also common when receiving messages from our angels. When we're feeling a little lost, our guardian angels send us an encouraging message of love and support through a white feather.

There are also others who experience ringing in their right ears. Keep in mind, if you're having ringing in the ears, it's crucial to screen out any potential health concerns that could be causing it. But it has long been believed that communications from our guardian angels come to us in the form of ringing in the right ear. Your angels want to let you know that they are around and are giving you all the help and direction you could ever want if you hear a high-pitched ringing in your right ear.

Flashes of light, tingling or warmth in the body, synchronicities in your life, and the discovery of coins are other signs that angels can send to you.

There are lots of angel signs you might see, and they differ in every person. The thing is, if a sign gives you a sense of peace and security, it may be a sign from your guardian angels trying to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. Our guardian angels' actions are motivated by a desire to instill optimism and joy. It's as simple as trusting your intuition when interpreting angel signs.

Why Do You See Angel Signs?

Angels and humans inhabit separate dimensions. They can engage with our material world but are aware that their real form may be too much for humans to handle. This is why we often see angelic signals and symbols in the material world.

It's because the angels in our lives are trying to communicate with us, so they send us symbols or signs. Some of these messages may be meant to boost your spirits and show your support. Yet, these signals could also be instructional in nature. As we are going through tough times, they will frequently send us signs and symbols to help us along the way.

As we are experiencing a spiritual awakening, angelic signs and symbols may also begin to surface. This is due to our growing awareness of and connection with our higher selves and our spirit allies. They are responding to our energy with the energy of their own.

In addition, below are also some of the reasons why you see angel signs:

  • You're having a spiritual awakening right now, and it's helping you learn more about who you are and your place in the universe. When your energy is at a higher frequency, angels will be attracted to you.

  • Your angel wants to communicate with you and guide you back to your spiritual roots. This can occur when you least anticipate it or when the concept of love plays a significant role in your growth.

  • You have drifted for a while away from your original mission, but you are finally starting to come back around to it. Angels will also send you signs if they believe you are headed in the wrong direction.

  • You're doing what you were always destined to accomplish. Therefore the cosmos is conspiring to boost your confidence so you can keep going in the correct direction.

  • You need a gentle reminder that you are not alone and that you are an integral part of something bigger than yourself. You may be feeling exposed and in need of reassurance that someone has your back.

  • You've experienced trauma and are now prepared to start the healing process.


You can open yourself up to a whole new dimension of love and light by simply asking the angels for their help and guidance, like you would a friend, and by practicing tuning into their energetic qualities. Be receptive to the possibility that the angels will communicate with you through angel signs, and be patient as you wait for their response.

As we learn to decipher the signs left for us by these spiritual beings, we can improve our experience of living.


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