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  • Laurie Teixeira and Jari de Jesus

Are You a Lightworker? 10 Signs To Know You Are One

Souls that consciously decide to incarnate at this time on Earth and dedicate their lives to helping others are known as "lightworkers." While every lightworker has unique work to do on Earth, everyone shares the common goal of raising the collective vibration by embodying and sustaining high energetic frequencies of energy.

Nonetheless, this does not imply that those who labor in the light never experience sadness or experience any negative emotions. When it comes to carrying the light for others and living out their purpose, however, many lightworkers encounter a totally different reality, especially in their younger years, as they must endure enormous hardships to work through their own healing.

Maybe you feel like there is something unique about you. Qualities that you can’t explain while growing up. Read to know the rare qualities of lightworkers and find out if you are one.

Signs That You’re a Lightworker

You’re Intuitive

Maybe you've always been intuitive, or perhaps it's something you developed over time. Many people can't seem to predict the future, but you appear to be able to tell what happens next or if a choice is wise and if the people around you are honest.

You’re Highly Sensitive and Empathetic

Lightworkers have an open aura, so the love and healing you carry always seem to radiate. However, this also makes you highly perceptive and in tune with other people's emotions. One and all.

Unfortunately, this can lead to emotional tiredness and depletion, as well as confusion about how YOU are actually experiencing, if you don't have a firm grasp on this and set up energy boundaries. This is why lightworkers need to prioritize their own well-being before that of other people.

You Feel Like You’re an Old Soul

You feel like you are not made for this world and constantly ask why you can’t resonate with other people’s wants. Material success doesn’t have any allure to you. Many people always ask for your advice and seem so surprised by your wisdom.

You Have Experienced “The Dark Night of the Soul”

Initially, lightworkers have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth. Because of this, many of them dealt with issues like depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues and trauma. Some people called it the dark night of the soul. And yes, you already survived it. But before it happened, you did lots of shadow work to get to the bottom of those challenges and be the force of light and healing you were made to be.

You’re Spiritual

You like listening and reading about spiritual topics. You pour over books and ancient knowledge. You’re always curious and want to know more. You know there is a veil, and you can feel that there is more to this reality, so you read and study. You know there is more to life, and you want to understand the hows and whys.

You Detach From Drama

Sometimes even though you feel deeply, people think you’re apathetic. Drama does not concern you. It feels like you’re a goddess watching people play with their lives and relationships. It’s because you understand and see the games they're playing, and you don’t have any desire to join them. You understand that there’s a karmic pattern going on with their lives, and you’ll let them be so they can learn their lesson. Unless course, they ask for your help.

You Have This Drive To Help and Improve the Overall Condition of Human Lives

You understand that we are all one; if you need to ascend, you must ascend together. You want to solve the problems of the world. You feel like something is calling you for help. You know that it’s not enough to heal yourself; you also need to help others. In what way, only you can find out.

You Hate Injustice

When you watch or hear the news about the injustices of the world, sometimes you can’t help but cry. You feel their pain. You feel emotions so deep it’s not really natural. You get angry at the injustice, and there’s an urge for you to do something.

You’re Continuously Longing for an Unknown Thing

You feel like you’re not home. That you lost something a long time ago. You’re helping people here on Earth, but you don’t seem to belong with them. It’s because you miss your soul family and are away from them. They are all around the Universe helping other people heal and bringing light to their lives like what you are doing.

You Feel Your Spirit Guides

You feel from a very young age that someone is guiding you. You often feel and see messages from your spirit guides. You manifest things and don’t know why, but you seem unusually lucky. You understand that you are a channel of divine light and are here for a purpose.

Lightworkers are special people with extraordinary abilities who may bring about profound societal changes, leaving telltale traces of their special status. They have an innately high frequency, are excellent people readers, and are driven by something more than themselves in their lives.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for and what purpose you have on this planet, rest assured that you’ll find your way as a lightworker. You’re a force of light and healing, and you’re on your journey to get there.

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