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  • Laurie Teixeira and Jari de Jesus

Grounding: Why Is It Important on Your Spiritual Journey?

In today's fast-paced world, having more room for spiritual fine-tuning is important. We schedule time for exercise, healthy eating, socializing with loved ones, fun activities, and other pursuits. But, most of the time, we overlook the significance of being spiritually tuned.

There are things that we have forgotten that our predecessors knew. They were more attuned to the natural world and its cycles than we were. They slept on the ground, went barefoot most of the time, waded through rivers and streams, dug their hands into the dirt, and let the rain soak them.

Back then, humans were permanently connected to the Earth, providing their most reliable and sustainable energy source. The Earth gave them contentment, serenity, and stability.

Now, we have shoes and stilettos to walk through the ground. Our homes are in high-rise buildings. There are so many demands on our time that we rarely take the opportunity to be quiet and tune in to ourselves and the natural world. We've been so disconnected from reality and from who we are. It's no wonder most days leave us feeling isolated, frightened, scared, and worried.

When we cut ourselves off from Earth, it throws our entire life out of whack. We lose track of time and space, let our emotions run amok, and forget how to coordinate our bodies.

We're all susceptible, but individuals with spiritual leanings and an appreciation for the spiritual tend to experience it more frequently. In times of enormous uncertainty, we need only go inward to discover what is indeed within us.

Building a routine that helps us stay grounded and at peace with ourselves should always be a top priority.

What Is Grounding?

The practice of grounding, often called "earthing," is one of the most effective ways to achieve inner serenity and steadiness. To achieve and maintain optimum health and healing, we must restore the electromagnetic equilibrium in our bodies by making direct contact with the Earth.

The practice of grounding is fundamental and tangible medicine for all organisms. To ground oneself is to be fully present where you are and to take in the life-giving energy of the Earth beneath your feet.

"Grounding is releasing your energy into the Earth and letting the soothing peace of nature flood back into your body."

Grounded people can maintain a sense of equilibrium and center regardless of external circumstances because they are in touch with their physical selves and the Earth. You are more than just your physical body, and cultivating a spiritual foundation will help you better connect with that greater you. A well-grounded individual is secure, emotionally stable, and at peace with themselves and the world.

Walking barefoot outside or relaxing on the grass are examples of grounding practices. When a person is physically connected to the Earth, electrons flow freely between the Earth and the body, neutralizing free radicals and reducing static electricity buildup. Like the sun, a constant source of vital energy, nutrients, and vitamins, the Earth offers subtle energy essential for good health.

Benefits of Grounding

After becoming grounded, we first notice a discharge as the body's electrical static drains away, resulting in more natural and relaxed breathing. Over time, you may also experience perks like serenity and improved blood flow—the greater one's commitment to earthing, the greater one's rewards.

In addition to making us feel more at ease by reestablishing a connection to our physical environment, grounding has been shown to alleviate a wide range of health problems, including inflammation, chronic pain, jet lag, menstrual and hormonal symptoms, poor sleep, low energy, high blood pressure, and flow, disruptions in the body's natural rhythms, headaches, muscle tension, and slow healing.

There are tangible advantages, but the greatest value lies in its emotional stability, which fosters greater awareness, concentration, and gratitude for the interconnectedness of all things and the wisdom inherent in knowing their proper position and timing in life.

How Is Grounding Important to the Spiritual Journey?

How does a focus on grounding aid a seeker's journey? Becoming more grounded can help you be more creative in your everyday life on a spiritual and physical level. In addition to being essential for creative output, spiritual grounding is the bedrock of all spiritual activities.

Being rooted in the Earth empowers you to direct your own life.

By grounding, your spirit can connect with the material world you've fashioned. By becoming aware of your physical sensations, good and bad, you may improve or alter your experience by grounding yourself. As you practice grounding, you strengthen the connection between your soul and body to the Earth, heightening your awareness of both.

Surprisingly, when you have firm footing, your body becomes a potent instrument for achieving your aspirations. When you practice grounding, your mind and body become more in tune with Earth. Correctly practicing grounding can also help rid your body of toxic emotions and feelings. When you are rooted, you decide what comes into being and what goes away.

The term "grounding" is sometimes used by those with a more spiritual outlook to mean "being fully present" or "drawing our total awareness into the here and now." Mindfulness practice makes recharging, reestablishing equilibrium, and refocusing possible.

As a result, our spiritual path is profoundly improved by the clarity of our thoughts and the lightness of our burdens.

Simple Practices To Stay Grounded

  • Spend time with nature. Hike in the woods, to some nearby waterfalls, or along some rivers. Spend at least 30 minutes a day sitting, walking, or standing on grass, sand, dirt, etc., for optimal effects, but even three to five minutes daily will make a difference. You might also try planting trees or gardening.

Bird songs, insect chirps, the rustle of leaves, and the trickle of water instantly put you

at ease and clear your head, paving the way to more advanced levels of consciousness.

  • Walk barefoot. When barefoot, the electrons we absorb from the Earth improve our immune systems and give us more energy. These electrons serve as antioxidants, enhancing health and lowering inflammatory risks.

  • Do breathing exercises and open your heart to the healing power of nature. Feel the grass under your feet. Look at the sky. Open the windows and take in some fresh air. Pay attention to the sounds of the birds. Using your senses helps you be in the moment and strengthens your bond with the Earth.

  • Focus on appreciation. Be thankful. Feel the joy of being blessed. All that's good in the world and on Earth deserves your love. You can also pray to feel more connected to the world around you.

  • Meditate. Meditation, in its many forms, is by far the most effective spiritual grounding tool. In meditation, we practice observing without becoming attached to the energy flow, the ideas, and the inner colors that arise during this process. But, we can become grounded if we learn to quiet the mind and concentrate on the observer rather than the critical thinker.

  • Intentional breathing and positive affirmations. This method performs admirably well in terms of efficiency. A form of meditation, exactly. When breathing in and out, repeat a phrase or word to yourself in your head. Among the most common are the affirmations "I breathe in peace and quiet," "I am love," and "I am anchored, I am home."

  • Use crystals as a connection to the Earth. While seeking stability, crystals can help. In this way, they facilitate the free movement of beneficial energy from the Earth up through your energy centers and into your base chakra. You will feel more optimistic and grounded with the support of these mystical companions.

Taking time out of each day to practice grounding, in whatever form, can help overcome the blues and bring us back to the most important things: our connection to ourselves and the great Earth.


Being rooted in the present moment is crucial for showing up fully for ourselves and each other. Like a tree with deep roots in the Earth, we too can flourish and find peace of mind when we know our foundation is firm. Storms don't have to deter us from progressing on our spiritual path. One can move confidently and steadily when one's feet are firmly planted on the ground.


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