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How to make faster & better decisions

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Making a good decision

First thing is we make decisions all day long, everyday without giving some of them much thought. They are almost automatic.

What time do we wake up, shower, decide what to wear for the day, onto eating breakfast, etc?

Then there are decisions that require more thought because of how they affect us and others. Such as do I go to work if my family needs more money. Do I go for that promotion or find a new job? Where do I want to move to? Do I want to get married? Do I stay in or end this relationship?

Some decisions just take more thought than others.

So what are some key ways to make a good or more informed decision?

  1. First thing is defining the problem as clearly as you can.

  2. How long do you have to make the decision? Is there a quick turn around or do you have some time to really evaluate your options?

  3. Develop a pro’s and con’s list. Including the reasons and the emotional impact too.

  4. Circle the ones that you feel have the strongest impact on both sides of the list.

  5. Evaluate in more detail the ones you have circled, to see if there are other considerations.

  6. Make a decision.

  7. Evaluate the results. Evaluation is how we learn and grow.

Ultimately it is making a decision based on what you know and feel at the time. When we have more information we may choose differently. So sometimes we have to decide on what we just know now and deal with the effects. Either way, positive or negative, there will be effects.

Not all decisions leave us feeling happy but it still may be the right decision.

Learning how to define the problem and make good decisions is a life skill. It is not always taught but it is one that is valuable to learn.

So keep practicing and learning.

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