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Spirit Guides and How To Communicate With Them

There are creatures of the utmost truth and compassion working behind the scenes to help us return our minds and hearts to a place of love. They are sometimes referred to as guardians, spirit guides, or angels. Yet the most crucial fact is that they are all loving beings.

Your Spirit Guides are highly evolved spiritual beings that have agreed to assist your soul in this incarnation through guidance, healing, and education.

They are not subject to the physical rules of this planet since they are not physical beings. Nonetheless, they all share a commitment to reuniting us with the cosmic love that lies at our center.

Turning to your guides when caught in a fear-based thought or pattern is a great way to become unstuck and back on the path to love. You can tap into their wisdom whenever you're ready to let go of your worries and start seeing things from a more spiritual perspective.

We each have our own personal spirit guides. Those in our family tree who have died away before us, angelic beings like guardian angels and archangels. Some also come in the form of a spirit animal or an ascended master.

If you believe your guides have been in touch with you, then what you sense must be true. Below are some ways that our spirit guides communicate with us.

Different Types of Messages From Spirit Guides

You may have received a message from your spirit guides through a series of numbers, such as 222, palindromes, or the repeating number 1919.

Spirit guides could also talk to you through music. Perhaps the lyrics inspired you to take action, or a song suddenly played on the radio when you're having a trying day.

Some guides send you a message from a billboard. Maybe, you noticed you were having a rough day, but then you passed through a billboard with an uplifting message. You may have second thoughts about a specific decision, and then bam! Three cars passed by with consecutive zeroes in their plate numbers.

These things are not merely a coincidence. They are messages that your spirit guides are sending you.

You might also receive an email or a text from a friend asking how you have been lately. Or you've been reading a book, and a specific passage struck you the most. And maybe a book fell off the shelf, but you didn't even think about it. But in reality, your spirit guides are kicking them off for you!

Other spirit guides will send you a dream to help you figure out what to do about your situation.

Physical sensations such as tingling, warmth, a light touch on the hand, the feeling of someone softly brushing your hair, or even a real presence in the room with you are all ways your guides may try to grab your attention.

Spirit guides also send opportunities or people to nudge you in a specific direction. All you ever need is to be more open and receptive to seeing the messages they are sending your way.

Ways To Be More Open to Receiving Messages From Your Spirit Guides

1. Be mindful and pay attention.

Mindfulness requires an awareness of oneself. It involves introspection to tune in to your spirit guides' whispers and your soul's music. You must listen to yourself and your environment to hear them. There will always be hints everywhere.

Some dreams have meanings. They can act as an intermediary between you and the afterlife, allowing spirits to communicate with you directly. When you're alone, paying attention to the sounds around you is essential.

Pay attention to the ringing of your ears. There may be an underlying message in it. It can also be a sign of slowing down, and pay attention if you hear your name being called when no one else is nearby.

You should also focus on the lyrics used in your favorite songs and films. These are simple channels via which the spirit guides can communicate.

2. Practice, listen, and improve your intuition.

You can only get intuitive prompts if you're in touch with your feelings; you'll miss the messages if you're not. The spiritual realm is inaccessible to those who don't listen and understand their feelings.

You cannot just feel your feelings. In other words, you need to accept them. Embrace them. It's essential to embrace both positive and negative emotions.

As you learn to trust your emotions, you won't write off every occurrence as random. Whether it's a bizarre animal that crosses your path or a piece of writing that leaves you wondering, you won't be scared to go under the surface to discover the significance behind it all.

Give in to the curiosity that demands you look it up online. To follow your intuition is to follow your soul, for it is your soul that is always nudging you in a particular direction.

When your acceptance of your feelings grows, your connection to your intuition deepens, and you become more attuned to the guidance of your higher self.

Every one of us has access to a highly developed, reliable, and finely honed intuition that can lead us directly to our destiny. Your ability to receive guidance from your spirit guides depends on how well you can trust and follow your intuition.

3. Get into the habit of asking.

When we stop remembering that we have spirit guides to rely on in times of need, we rely solely on our own resources. When it happens, panic and fear ensue. Hence, the first step is to practice regularly consulting your spirit guides for guidance. Ask for signs. Seek out their messages.

Consider all the areas in which you could use some assistance. You may be having trouble conceiving, could use some extra cash, or could use some help mending a broken relationship. Your spirit guides are there, watching and listening to you. They are ready to help. All you need is to ask and listen.

4. Meditate and then write with your spirit guides.

By clearing your thoughts through meditation, you may better hear the advice of your inner and outer guides.

To align with the presence of these guides, we must vibrate at the same frequency as them. When our energy is aligned with the frequency of love and peace, we can better connect with the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides.

After you've meditated, you can use a journal or scrap of paper to focus on talking to your spirit guides. Write about anything and ask for help or guidance. Thank them for their help. Let your pen flow. You'll be surprised that after writing, most times, the answer you're seeking is already there!

5. Always vibrate in the frequency of gratitude.

Being in an attitude and vibration of thankfulness is a powerful demonstration of faith and trust in your spiritual guides. If you engage in self-doubt and concern, you show your spirit guides that you don't trust them. You tell them you don't want their help and will do things alone.

Rather than being anxious, needy, and fearsome, you may practice gratitude. Be appreciative of the love and guidance your spirit guides have given you. Your appreciation and gratitude for them will make your relationship strong. By showing constant gratitude, it means you trust them.

Your guides will return the love and admiration you send their way. Being in constant love and gratitude with your spirit guides is challenging to put into words. It's like constantly vibrating at a higher frequency, filled with joy and love.

Bottom Line

You'll rely more on your spirit guides' wisdom when you develop a relationship with them. Miracles will happen more frequently when you pray for help and stop trying to figure things out alone.

It's important to reflect on your thoughts just before you had these synchronistic experiences with numbers, animals, or other indicators.

It is also important to remember that the Divine will always lead you in the right direction if you take the time to pay attention.

Never hesitate to seek guidance when troubled. You will receive messages from the Cosmos that are clear and easy to decipher.

You are always divinely guided, so follow their wisdom and trust the process.


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